Star Sports: Fan Box

Social Media studio for Star Sports

Fan Box is a space created for the irreverant hipsters of the digital world so they may delight us with their views and banter on the ups and downs, the victories and losses of Indian sports. Videos fimed here are exclusively for webcast on the Star Sports website.
This studio was particularly challenging to fabricate because of its two-directional curve structure. Waiting for the multiple coats of gold paint to dry in the Delhi winter was a test of patience. 
The cycle, shoes, t-shirt, bats... roughly two hundred gold medals.
Social media inspired 'emoti-bean' and 'pixel-box' furniture.
The hard, adrenaline-fuelled reality of the sportsworld meets the cloud world of the future in sci-fi design elements that contrast the golden game memorabilia replicas.    
The colour of the wall LEDs can be changed and customised to cue the social media platform where the discussion is taking place. Here the lights are coloured Twitter.

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