Star Sports : Studio 4

The new Star Sports studio created by Design Circuit as part of the programming revamp.

Studio 4 was conceived as a multi-purpose space to serve different show formats. Movable furniture was an important element used to achieve this.
The fabricator was handpicked for their quality of finish, and construction monitored, to ensure precision in detail.
The high gloss aesthetic was chosen to create the illusion of space.
While high gloss can be a challenge for the lighting designer, it is visually rewarding for the viewers.
Once the PCR on the other side is constructed the view from this angle would be of a dynamic background with large monitors.
Our design team worked on 'moving' illustrations on the studio walls in line with the Star Sports brand personality.
The concept of the glowing Star Sports logo captures the essence of the new era in programming they are looking to usher in.

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