The facility houses work spaces for over a thousand employees as well as 9 studios, 2 newsrooms, 6 Production Control Rooms and a Master Control Room

Work areas were integrated with niches and platforms to double up as dynamic presentation zones.

The walls were turned into a visual device with colour-changing LED lights using Osram Traxon lights (paired with Lighting Control Engine and Butler XT) to give the editorial team more freedom to play with temporal moods and brand colours; and more interior landscape for filming. 
Chosen for their wide range of installation possibilities, approximately 2800 Traxon 1PXL Strip RGB were seamlessly concealed behind the backdrops, allowing multicolour backlighting. 

Eight video walls with 103 46-inch LED screens were installed to convert facility walls into dynamic video backdrops for news presenters. Combined with a video strip comprising 60 46-inch LCD screens and an LED ticker showing live text content moving around the newsroom area, the entire office space became the production team’s playground for innovative shots and presentation.

The Spyder video processor and presentation switcher was integrated into the video walls for its versatility to enable multiple displays in any combination of edge-blended shots at a higher resolution than was the norm at the time. This gave the editorial team the creative flexibility to introduce programming content with simulcast across disparate locations and time.

It was after a visit to many fabrication shops in India, US and China that we finalised on Pico's unit in Guangzhou for their quality. All modules were created there and then shipped and re-assembled on site in India.

This project was an important achievement not only in space and technology integration but also in international collaboration where designers and suppliers from different time zones engineered solutions that were versatile, cost-effective and adaptable to future technological advances.

Credits: JR+A (Architect, main building), Clickspring Design (Studio Design: Studios A,B and newsroom), Enso Design (Studio Design: Studios C, D & F), Pico (Fabrication).

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