The conventional broadcast screen was evolved for a new viewing experience which we call ‘News in Hypercast’ where main broadcast news shares space with live social media feeds from the channel audience and plugins inviting viewer interaction on the second screen (eg. phone). This made space to accommodate different types of news for different types of viewers at the same time and for hyperlocal content to get the same attention as bigger news stories.
For a channel that believes in giving power back to the people, we enabled individual engagement in civic affairs by integrating web-based interactivity with broadcast content. Leveraging the ‘live web chat’ medium made authority figures more readily accessible from the comfort of their location; and it gave viewers, normal everyday citizens, the platform to ask questions directly rather than have a reporter do so on their behalf.
Callouts on the channel invite viewers to send information or air grievances through various social media platforms. User-generated content is an important part of Patrika TV - not only does it make the viewers the ‘eyes and ears’ for the channel to track and air local, grassroots occurrences, it also gives viewers a stake in the content and a platform to be seen and heard.

Channel identity and show packaging.

Studio (real and virtual) and newsroom.

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